V2   Technology
                  version 2 of the Internet

The single most important thing we can do on this planet is to find a way to harness the full potential of the internet. This is so important because the internet will eventually connect every person, device, service, institution, vehicle, business and their governments. So what is the task at hand? Find a way to efficiently transfer everything that can be digitized and automated online.

Phase 4 Technologies is the only company in the world offering the vision and technology to build a more advanced online environment that will make the World Wide Web obsolete. While other companies are busy trying to address symptoms, we decided to attack the root cause of the dot com meltdown. The Problem is simply this; web technology has reached its limit. That shouldn't be any surprise after more than ten years of stagnation. In fact, the web was never designed for complex online human interaction or commerce. The hard part is, where do we go from here? Yes you guessed it, "V2".

OsiXs is the foundation of a formula (P3 = Ph4O6) for building logical structures on the internet. As of now, the internet has no foundation or logical structure. It has only a physical structure on which information is carried. Yet we are spending billions if not trillions of dollars on technologies that don't have any real foundation or structure to support them. Believe it or not, no one, especially not any major companies or governments are trying to address this problem. Most if not all are not even aware the problem exists. Overhaul or Upgrade. The Internet has not had an upgrade in 20 years. The first upgrade was the World Wide Web, we call it V1. Most investors don't know that they are investing in a transition technology without a foundation or a future. The dot com meltdown of 2000 was a wake up call. Solid successful business models are hard to come by for most internet enterprises for this very reason. Once a real foundation is laid, most of today's big internet enterprises will fall away because they have no way of competing with enterprises based on this new paradigm. The fundamentals of how the internet works will have to change in order to support concepts like "medium" and "Advanced Applications". The first companies to paradigm shift will have a unique opportunity to become very powerful. It will give them strategic positioning for expanding into other tech sectors. The beauty of it all is that there's a perfect mix of competition and cooperation in the V2 paradigm. This is a good thing because we will need lots of help. This project is a world project, much too big for any one country, company, organization or government. Because of its complexity and magnitude, the implementation of V2 is a process that must be executed in phases.....     Welcome to the First Phase .....